About the Faculty

Faculty of Animal Breeding and Biology

The beginning of Faculty of Animal Breeding and Biology (WHiBZ) dates back to 1971. That year a branch of the Poznań Agricultural School of Higher Education was created in Bydgoszcz and enrolled first students on the Animal Husbandry major. In the year 1974 the Academy of Technology and Agriculture in Bydgoszcz was established. At that time the Academy consisted of several Faculties, including Faculty of Animal Husbandry.

   In 2006, the Academy and the Faculty were renamed, creating UTP University of Science and Technology and Faculty of Animal Breeding and Biology.

   Most studies carried out on the Faculty are connected to the fields of Animal Husbandry, Agriculture, Feed Production and Evaluation, Animal Health and Environment. 

At the moment Faculty offers education in the following fields: 

  • Animal Physiotherapy
  • Veterinary Inspection
  • Animal Husbandry

At the moment the Faculty has 716 active students.